Our main task - to offer the highest quality metal tube, profiles, wire & rod processing services by applying the most efficient technical solutions. Our clients - national and international companies of such industries as: furniture and interior, yachts and ships building, agriculture, automotive, construction and other.

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Line for tubes, pipes & profiles
NEW! starting in Spring 2021

Metal tube, pipe & profile fiber laser cutting.
Benefits of the automatic laser cutting production line:
• a quicker way to make identical or complex cuts 
• cut parts are pretty much replicas of each other
• no need to exchange tools for each separate cut
• replaces several classic operations
(e.g. drilling, milling ...)
• shorter product processing and reduced costs
• high precision process causes clean cuts that
require none or minimal additional processing
• less electricity consumed in production process brings ecological advantage

Technical information:

• Laser power source: 2 kW
• The maximum length of the workpiece: 6.5 m
• Workpiece wall thickness:
- black steel: 1 - 10 mm
- stainless steel: 1 – 6 mm
- aluminum: 1 – 4 mm

One of the most modern tubes, pipes & profiles cutting dedicated laser machine in Lithuania!

Fiber laser cutting line for pipe & profile

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) BENDING

Can you imagine a company providing metal processing services without CNC machines today? Keep your projects on schedule and within budget!
CNC bending advantages:
• Precision
• Efficiency
• Fast multiple identical parts production

Lankstymas vamzdžių

NC (Numerical Control) BENDING

Clients request small batch production or prototypes quite often. In such cases we usually use NC bending machine.
We have a comprehensive range of solutions for a wide variety of projects.

robotic welding green



Džiaugiamės galėdami savo klientams pasiūlyti aukštos kokybės metalo suvirinimo paslaugas. Naujausia Henris, UAB paslauga – automatizuotas MIG, TIG suvirinimas roboto pagalba. Viriname juodą plieną, nerūdijantį plieną bei aliuminį. Ši inovacija mums leidžia didelės apimties darbus atlikti itin kokybiškai, tiksliai ir greitai.

robotic welding

Taip pat naudojame šias tris pagrindines suvirinimo technologijas:
• MMA - manual metal arc welding
• MIG, MAG - gas metal arc welding
• TIG - gas tungsten arc welding



There are two types of technology:

  1. Fixed bend radius - a different set of bending tools are necessary for every bending radius
  2. Rolling - efficient in cases when bending radius is large

There are two types of rolling technology:

  1. Three shaft thread rolling
  • Rolling quality depends on tools and workers' experience
  • If machine is controlled manually, it's hard to ensure that multiple parts will be identical
  • Usually, the minimum roll bending radius is 10 x D

2. Rolling on a CNC machine

  • Minimum roll bending radius is 6 x D
  • Once the machine is programmed correctly, we can ensure that all metal parts after rolling will be identical and of the highest quality.
Grinding and polishing

Usually diameters of tubes and profiles can slightly vary. Due to this, before starting a production, it‘s often necessary to unify diameters and improve the surface quality of tubes‘ that are about to be processed. In this case as well as in components finishing, we are using grinding and polishing processes.

Over the years we have implemented a number of pipe grinding and polishing techniques and selected the most efficient materials for the processes.

We can ensure that the desired surface quality will be achieved at the most optimal cost.

Depending on the surface - round or flat - we use two main technologies


If laser cutting isn't a solution, we can also offer other pipe, tube & profiles cutting techniques.

Cutting technique usually depends on batch size, required accuracy and other technical requirements for the project.

Band saw machine for metal cutting:
• manual control
• semi-automatic (NC) or automatic (CNC) control

Circular saw machine for metal cutting:
• manual control
• semi-automatic (NC) or automatic (CNC) control

Drilling and stamping

It's a complementary type of services. We always aim for the optimal solutions without compromising quality.

Metal parts and components

Non-standard metal pipe, tube, rod & profile parts and components for various industries. Our clients - national and international companies of such industries as: furniture & interior, yachts & ships building, agriculture, automotive, construction & other.

Complete manufacturing cycle: from process & production engineering to production & shipping